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Gonzales Memorial Museum

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Gonzales Memorial Museum

Welcome to the Gonzales Memorial Museum! We hope you will enjoy your visit into this fascinating memorial museum and learn all about Texas history. Welcome to the place where it all began!

Come and Take It Cannon   Come and Take It Cannon   The Sount Wing
The Building
The Gonzales Memorial Museum is one of the nine memorial museums built to celebrate the 1936-1937 Centennial of Texas Independence, and it is the only funded locally.
The North Wing
The North wing of the historical museum contains the famous "Come and Take It" Cannon and items pertaining to the history of Gonzales and Texas.
The South Wing
The South Wing of the museum contains many artifacts and objects that were used over the years and helped shape Gonzales and Texas.


What You Can Find

Buck Winn Mural Buck Winn Mural
Buck Winn Murals located inside the museum.

The museum, significant in and of itself, houses a large collection of objects, documents and photographs pertaining to Gonzales' role in the shaping of Texas history. It is the heart of the new and first in the state, Texas History Museum District.

The museum building is made of Texas shell stone trimmed in Cordova cream limestone.

The museum park consists of the museum, a reflecting pool leading to a granite and bronze monument,"The Immortal 32" at its entrance, and an attached amphitheater with a seating capacity of 500. The back wall of the amphitheater features a marble memorial.